Restaurant & Pub

We invite the inn’s guests to our restaurant and pub, where they can enjoy mostly traditional cuisine of the Podlasie Region. Various potato dishes are a native delicacy.

We prepare all of our appetizers, hot dishes, cold cuts and desserts ourselves, using recipes found in our grandmothers’ trunks and regional fresh products supplied on a daily basis.

Every morning, our guests can enjoy varied and delicious breakfast.

The inn’s unique location on the outskirts of the town, in the privacy of the forest, makes the restaurant a charming place for private meetings with friends and acquaintances. The location is also ideal to hold special events or business meetings.

We offer our guests a cozy restaurant room for 40 persons, which also houses a “Malibu” gallery, a banquet hall for 100 persons and a “Sport” pub for 30 guests.

The pub invites all fans to watch sports broadcasts, support your team with others and have good fun.

Our idea

As you can see, an inn is not a luxury hotel. We offer our guests something completely different, and therefore more valuable. Our greatest asset is location along national road No. 65 (Białystok-Ełk route), on the border of the Knyszyńska Forest and the Biebrza National Park (in its buffer zone), making it possible to experience the beauty of nature here in Podlasie. We would like these areas to remain unchanged and this stunning nature – to be preserved for future generations. We are environmentally friendly! We are committed not to be an extra burden for our environment, not to poison it, to use eco-friendly materials and products, and to avoid using unnecessary chemicals. The environment is our common asset, so we appeal to you: let us protect it together! All we need to do is make sure that we all observe the following principles:

Our rooms

The “Mońki” inn offers accommodation for 36 guests in double and triple rooms of different standards, from premium to tourist. Appealing interior design, modern and practical furniture, and also quiet location will help you rest and calm your mind.


The inn is located next to the Municipal Stadium, including a complex of full-size football pitches. It allows for holding any training camps, training sessions and summer camps. It has everything you need for active rest. Near the inn, you can use two full-size sports halls, a swimming pool, a gym, an “Orlik” football pitch and enjoy other attractions.


We offer our guests a conference room for 100 persons, equipped with multimedia equipment, including: a projector, a screen, a TV, a CD/DVD player, a sound system and Wi-Fi. The inn’s picturesque location makes it a great place to relax and recover after a conference, enjoying a bonfire or BBQ with others.


If you wish to have breakfast, lunch or dinner outdoors, enjoying the beauty of Podlasie nature, we will prepare a feast as you expect it to be.

“MALIBU's” gallery

Taking care of the cultural life of our little homeland, we established an art gallery in our restaurant room, where we want to present works by both our domestic artists and renowned foreign artists. All the exhibited paintings are available for purchase directly from the artists – we do not charge any commission!